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Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
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David T. Deveau

David (BEDS, P.Eng., MBA) is a professional engineer with a Masters in business administration and over 13 years experience with system improvement (including ten years of involvement in the aviation industry). David brings a unique range of aviation experiences to bear, much of it at the senior management level, including responsibility and direct involvement in implementing leading edge approaches to quality and safety management, human factors, error management, and non-punitive reporting.

His activities in the aviation safety realm in the last number of years also include presentations and workshops as an invited guest of Transport Canada and others. David offers extensive experience as a keynote and workshop presenter across Canada and internationally on a range of topics related to organizational effectiveness and culture change. Senior management experience in both the private and public sectors, including responsibilities for strategic business planning and policy, give David an unusually well rounded perspective on the relationship between business priorities and specific topics like safety management.

Above all, David brings enthusiasm and committment to the concepts embedded in the global push towards aviation safety management systems (SMS). He believes strongly that its solid foundation in quality management philosophy, its inclusive and integrated approach, and its focus on safety and efficiency outcomes rather than inspection mentality, make SMS the most important evolution in safety to arrive on the scene since behavioural science lead us to new insights on human factors.