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Mike Doiron

2005- Present, President of Cirrus Aviation Safety Services and
2009-Present, Director of Safety Management Systems, SCSI

Develop and provide safety awareness training and guidance on Risk Management programs and Safety Management Systems, Crew Resource Management, Pilot Decision Making, Human Performance in Aircraft Maintenance, Human Factors in ATC Operations, Company Aviation Safety Officer and Human Factors in Airport Operations.

Recent Safety projects include:

  • 2010 October. Presentations SMS Programs Turkish Airlines
  • 2010 Sept SMS Training International Aircrews Los Angeles
  • 2010 SMS implementation Etihad Airlines Abu Dhabi (4 sessions)
  • 2010 Develop SMS Programs General Aviation Alaska January 2010
  • 2010 Develop SMS Programs International Operations Los Angeles January 2010
  • 2010 May. SMS programs and Accident Investigations, Prague
  • 2009 ISASI SMS/Accident Investigation Reachout Abu Dhabi for Etihad Airlines
  • 2009 August Human Factor Presentations Tianjin, China
  • 2009 March Develop Safety Programs, Medallion, Alaska
  • 2009 April Accident Prevention, Prague
  • 2009 April SMS Workshop, Prague
  • 2008 October SMS Programs Embraer Paris
  • 2008 September Presented Weather Risk Management paper ISASI conference Halifax
  • 2008 May SMS Workshop International Crews, Prague
  • 2008 June SMS Programs Bahrain
  • 2008 July SMS Programs Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • 2008 August Company Aviation Safety Officer (SMS), Medallion Foundation, Alaska
  • 2006 COPA award Advocate of Aviation Safety
  • February 2006 Aviation Accident Prevention/SMS training Dept. of the Interior, Alaska
  • April 2006 SMS training for International Aircrews, Prague
  • May 2006 Human Factor/SMS Training South Africa Accident Investigators
  • October 2006 Aviation Safety Management Systems Implementation Los Angeles
  • November 2006 Aviation Accident Prevention Program Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • January 2007 Aviation Safety Management Systems Implementation Los Angeles
  • January 2007 Aviation Safety Management Systems Aircraft Maintenance Vancouver
  • February 2007 Accident Prevention/SMS Program in the United Arab Emirates
  • March 2007 Aviation Safety Management Systems Aircraft Maintenance Winnipeg
  • March 2007 Aviation Safety Management Systems Aircraft Maintenance Calgary
  • April 2007 Accident Investigation and SMS programs Prague, Czech Republic

1996-2006 Aviation Safety Inspector Transport Canada

Conducted Research and Development of new Safety and Awareness Programs based on identified incident trends. Risk Management facilitator for Transport Canada reporting system for the Atlantic Region and served as the Minister’s Observer on a number of high profile aircraft accidents, most notable being the SWR111 accident September 2, 1998 and the MK 1602 Cargo B747 accident in Halifax 2004.

Provided Safety and Security guidance within the Atlantic region during the 9/11 events.

Served as a facilitator and instructor for Transport Canada’s Risk Management and Safety Management Safety implementation programs. Provided training to a large number of Transport Canada Safety Inspectors. Evaluated the Implementation and Effectiveness of SMS programs for various operators.

2002-2003 Assignment Accident Investigator Transportation Safety Board

Completed a 14-month assignment as an Accident Investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. Conducted investigations relating to aviation accidents. Duties included accident Investigation and determining the effectiveness of company Safety Programs.

2001 completed the Certificate Program in Aviation Safety Management with The Southern California Safety Institute.

  • Accident Investigation
  • Human Factor Training
  • Airport ramp Safety
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Safety Management Systems

1980-1996 Manager Halifax Flight Information Center

Responsible for a large geographic area within Atlantic Canada providing weather briefing services for low-level, mid-level and high-level domestic and International flights using the full range of meteorology products and Satellite and Radar imagery. Provide Flight Planning services to both Domestic and International Flights. Other duties relating to Air-Ground communications and Airborne Emergency services, Airport Operations, Medevac, Search and Rescue activity. Assisted in the development of Emergency response programs for Offshore Oil Exploration.

1972-1980 Flight Service Specialist Halifax Intl Airport

Graduated from the Transport Canada Aviation Training Center, Ottawa, Ontario and transferred to Halifax Intl Airport. Duties included Air-ground Communications, Emergency Services, Domestic and International weather briefing and Flight Planning Services, Airport Operations. Assisted in Recruitment programs and the development of Refresher and Recurrent Training.


  • Member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).
  • Served as a member for Civil Air Search and Rescue for 25 years.
  • Member of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.
  • Delegated Examiner Restricted Radio License Industry Canada