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Jock English

Jock English is currently President & CEO of InteliSys Aviation Systems, a New Brunswick based company that provides hosted management systems for airlines worldwide.

Jock has over 30 years experience in commercial software systems with responsibilities ranging from development and implementation to marketing of mission critical software systems for large organizations. Jock currently manages an organization of 22 employees that implements and manages operation of high availability systems for management of reservation sales as well as crew qualifications and assignment. Prior to joining InteliSys, Jock held positions with two large international software firms where he was responsible for software product development, implementation as well as international marketing of software systems for national mapping databases including aeronautical mapping. Jock’s primary focus during his career has been in matching software solutions to Client’s requirements. Jock holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Geomatics Engineering and is also a registered Professional Engineer. Jock has held both U.S. and Canadian pilot’s licenses and remains well connected with the Aviation Industry.