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Rick Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a senior ASI Associate. He is a graduate of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, 1964), and Harvard University (M.B.A., 1967). Since 1967, he has spent his entire career providing aviation-consulting services to governments, corporations and international agencies throughout the world.

Mr. Fisher is an aviation consultant with broad experience in project management and analysis for a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. In addition to a general background in most aspects of aviation, his specific fields of expertise include traffic forecasting, airline route analysis, strategic planning, equipment acquisition, benefit/cost analysis and financial feasibility studies. For the past thirty-five years, Mr. Fisher has been involved in over 300 projects for a large number of clients including most major airframe manufacturers, many airlines, international organizations including the World Bank (IBRD, IFC and the South Pacific Project Facility), ICAO, the European Investment Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, as well as many ministries and departments in the Canadian and various provincial governments. As of 2005, Mr. Fisher has completed aviation consulting projects in 48 different countries

Mr. Fisher is particularly well versed in airline forecasting, having completed over 200 projects where traffic and fleet forecasts were required. On behalf of the Canadian Federal Government, Mr. Fisher is the author of the Manual of Transport Canada Aviation Forecasting Procedures.

Over the past decade, Mr. Fisher has acquired substantial experience and knowledge with respect to the various impacts of airline deregulation, and has completed six studies on the effects on various infrastructures as a result of a deregulated transborder aviation environment that exists between Canada and the United States.

Typical recent studies include:

  • in support of Bombardier's marketing efforts for the Regional Jet aircraft, preparation and presentation of detailed route, traffic, economic and financial analyses for a wide variety of airlines, including seven major and regional carriers in North America, as well as others overseas.

  • for Zhejiang Airlines in China, review and development of an appropriate phased airline inception plan and schedule, identification of specific prerequisites to be in place for the initiation of operations (organization, infrastructure, equipment, personnel, training), assessment of the local capability on providing these, and provision of a technical and operational overview of the applicable provincial civil aviation system, including airports.

  • three studies into the possible restructuring scenarios for a Russian airport and airline necessitated by the break-up of Aeroflot.

  • for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, preparation of nominal schedules for Pearson Airport through 2015, and two studies regarding the traffic potential at Pickering Airport, were it to be developed primarily as a business and GA reliever facility. Mr. Fisher also participated in a two-day Financial Peer Review for the GTAA.

  • on behalf of the new owners of a privatized airport terminal building, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Mr. Fisher provided both international and domestic traffic forecasts for the 2005 - 2020 period. As the Kazakhstan economy is in the process of restructuring itself to reduce dependence upon Russia, and increase its trade relations with other states, the study also suggested a series of new routes and airlines where traffic potential was believed to be viable. This was intended to assist airport management in developing a more focused airline marketing program.

  • on behalf of a consortium of thirteen of Canada’s largest corporations, Moncrieff analyzed airline traffic and service both prior to, and following, the Air Canada/CAIL merger. The study examined changes to the air travel cost structure of the companies, as well as differences in airline quality of service levels, including such factors as on-time performance, flight frequency, offered capacity, availability of direct flights, etc. These factors were examined over a matrix of 157 routes, including the domestic, transborder and international sectors.

  • on behalf of a group of investors interested in establishing an airline in the Republic of Palau, Mr. Fisher developed several operational scenarios, and prepared a detailed business plan which included estimates of passenger and cargo revenues, as well as operating costs, under the various options. A “best” scenario was selected in conjunction with both Palau Air and foreign partners, which involved the operation of a B737-300 on both scheduled and charter services throughout the central Pacific region, and to the Asian mainland.

  • team leader of an ICAO general review of the civil aviation situation in the South Pacific region, to determine how technical assistance was being allocated by the major donors and how effectiveness could be improved. The review included air transport development, flight operating standards; air traffic services and meteorology; airways facilities; civil aviation organization; staffing requirements, training needs and personnel licensing.

Additionally, Mr. Fisher has a substantial body of knowledge concerning civil aviation in an African context, having worked on multi-national projects for the African Civil Aviation Commission, as well as the Economic Community of West African States, and Air Afrique. To date, he has contributed to consulting projects in eight different African states.