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Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
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Atlantis Aviation and joint venture partner PF Collins Ltd. operate an innovative company aimed at delivering new and improved “Cool Supply Chain” options for the Atlantic Canada perishables industry. The joint venture operates under the brand of Fly Fresh Freight.

These new cool supply chain options are safe, consistent, economical and deliver quality products to existing and new markets. The core strengths of Fly Fresh Freight are in the provision of the logistics of cargo movements and in market development activities for our clients.

The primary target market is the European Union, followed by expansion into the fresh perishable markets of the world. This new approach maximizes the Return On Investment to all participating stakeholders of the supply chain and maximizes the economic potentials of the industry to the region.

PF Collins Ltd. is an Atlantic Canadian based custom, brokerage and freight forwarding provider. The company has a long history of excellent services to its customers and is fully apprised of the sensitivities in the movement of perishable products. Atlantis Aviation brings an extensive aviation network and a strategic understanding of the air cargo industry, its decision making processes, limitations and opportunities.

Both organizations are well versed in product and market development strategies and processes. This service assists our customers in identifying, accessing and maximizing opportunities.

Fly Fresh Freight Perishable Supply Chain Services Include:

  • Warehousing
  • Project Administration
  • Project Logistics
  • Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Customs Consulting
  • Cool Chain Integrity
  • Market Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Shipment Tracking System

Contact: info@atlantisaviation.ca