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Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
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The Atlantis Aviation Associate Network includes Mr. Jock English CEO of Intelisys Aviation Systems. Intelisys provides Airline Passenger, Cargo and Charter Reservations Software.

Designed from the ground up to work the way aviation organizations do, the software has been proven to drive measurable increases in efficiency, performance and revenues, while providing significant reductions in administrative overhead and costs associated with managing an aviation business.

As a single integrated solution, it enables air carriers to improve their operations by providing solutions that are integrated, adaptable, and deployed in a cost effective manner. In addition, it assists airline operators in key areas such as personnel record keeping, regulatory compliance, capacity planning and resource allocation to seamlessly optimize operations.

Additional Services Provided:

Custom development

  • Programming services are available in Visual Basic, .NET, C++, SQL, and others.

Implementation services

  • Implementation planning
  • Data migration and auditing
  • Cut-over procedures
  • Temporary operational locations and support

Initial and recurrent training

  • On-site or remotely delivered
  • Ad hoc user shadowing as required or requested

Technological and operational consulting

  • Telecommunication strategies
  • Hardware specification and selection
  • Call Centre set-up


  • Hosting
  • Development
  • Maintenance

E-commerce integration

  • Merchant account facilitation
  • Online Credit card authorization
  • Online Debit card authorization (where permissible by law)
  • Internet-based settlement services
  • SMS and mobile phone settlement services

Hosting of corporate applications

  • Office suite products for remote access
  • Accounting applications
  • Collaboration and Work Group solutions
  • E-Mail

Contact: info@atlantisaviation.ca