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Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
Atlantis Aviation - Exploring New Horizon
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Peter Thiveos

Peter Thiveos is an accomplished Information Technology and Business Services executive with over 20 years of Petrochemical, Engineering Procurement & Construction, Aviation, and Software Development industry experience and knowledge. Peter is a results-oriented leader with the ability to complete major initiatives, while adapting to changing environments and resolving mission critical issues to ensure corporate success.

With multiple academic achievement scholarships under his belt, he has an MBA in Information Technology Management as well as Risk Management and Leadership and Communications courses through George Washington University. His initial academic background consists of an Engineering Design & Technology Degree from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta. Peter’s solid understanding of critical processes within all business units provides organizations the ability to economically branch out into other significant industries.

Peter has considerable experience in North America and in the Middle East where he managed the technical services of a global energy company. He is an experienced communicator with a proficiency in developing technical and business services teams within a multi-cultural and international arena. He has been engaged in the Aviation industry specifically within the field of Quality, Safety and Performance Management. His consulting experience has included overseeing the technical development efforts of safety management systems, as well as the creation of Request for Proposals, Business Requirements Documents, Feasibility Studies and Marketability Assessments, for industry leading organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Peter has a proven track-record in aligning Information Technology Systems and Services with core business strategies while defining corporate direction and vision for future growth and sustainability.